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I just got started with Markdown. I love it, but there is one thing bugging me: How can I change the size of an image using Markdown?

The documentation only gives the following suggestion for an image:


If it is possible I would like the picture to also be centered. I am asking for general Markdown, not just how GitHub does it.


With certain Markdown implementations (including Mou and Marked 2 (only macOS)) you can append =WIDTHxHEIGHT after the URL of the graphic file to resize the image. Do not forget the space before the =.

![](./pic/pic1_50.png =100x20)

You can skip the HEIGHT

![](./pic/pic1s.png =250x)

And Width

![](./pic/pic1s.png =x250)


You could just use some HTML in your Markdown:

<img src="" alt="drawing" width="200"/>

Or via style attribute (not supported by GitHub)

<img src="" alt="drawing" style="width:200px;"/>

Or you could use a custom CSS file as described in this answer on Markdown and image alignment


CSS in another file:

img[alt=drawing] { width: 200px; }


Just use:

<img src="" width="200">

instead of:



The accepted answer here isn’t working with any Markdown editor available in the apps I have used till date like Ghost, or even in the StackOverflow editor. I found a workaround here in the issue tracker.

The solution is to directly use HTML syntax, and it works perfectly:

<img src="http://....jpg" width="200" height="200" />