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I want to use JavaScript (can be with jQuery) to do some client-side validation to check whether a string matches the regex:


Ideally it would be an expression that returned true or false.

I’m a JavaScript newbie, does match() do what I need? It seems to check whether part of a string matches a regex, not the whole thing.


Use test() method :

var term = "sample1";
var re = new RegExp("^([a-z0-9]{5,})$");
if (re.test(term)) {
} else {


Use regex.test() if all you want is a boolean result:

console.log(/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test('abc1')); // false

console.log(/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test('abc12')); // true

console.log(/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test('abc123')); // true

…and you could remove the () from your regexp since you’ve no need for a capture.


Use /youregexp/.test(yourString) if you only want to know whether your string matches the regexp.


You can use match() as well:

if (str.match(/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/)) {

But test() seems to be faster as you can read here.

Important difference between match() and test():

match() works only with strings, but test() works also with integers.

12345.match(/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/); // ERROR
/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test(12345);  // true
/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test(null);   // false

// Better watch out for undefined values
/^([a-z0-9]{5,})$/.test(undefined); // true