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I have a private repository on Github for a project I’m working on. Until now I had only worked on my home desktop, but I just bought a laptop, and am trying to set it up so that I can work on the project from either computer, and push / pull changes.

I added a new SSH key to my Github account for the laptop, and was successful in cloning and making changes to a public test repo that I set up. However, I couldn’t clone the private repo. Is there anything special I need to do in the command line in order to clone a private repo? Do I need to set up a new GitHub account for my laptop and set myself up as a collaborator?

The command I used was git clone git://


Private clone URLs take the form [email protected]:username/repo.git – perhaps you needed to use [email protected] rather than git://?

git:// URLs are read only, and it looks like private repos do not allow this form of access.


This worked for me:

git clone https://[email protected]/username/repo_name


This worked for me:

git clone https://username:[email protected]/username/repo_name.git


I have met this issue several times and every time I landed on this page, tried every thing and failed!

It’s because I have 2FA enabled!!!

According to

If you have enabled two-factor authentication, or if you are accessing an organization that uses SAML single sign-on, you must provide a personal access token instead of entering your password for HTTPS Git.

  1. Follow this link and create an access token
  2. git clone (The default git repo link is good enough!)
  3. Enter your username and use the access token as password!!


  • If you don’t mind exposing your access token in the command line, you can also paste the access token as username then hit enter enter (no need for password).
  • Hate copy&pasting the access token over and over again?
    Use git config credential.helper store (don’t do this on machine you don’t trust)