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I’ve encounter an strange issue after installing RestKit with cocoapods.
after resolving RestKit dependency for my project with cocoapods and trying to build it, I face this error:

The sandbox is not in sync with the Podfile.lock. Run ‘pod install’ or update your CocoaPods installation.

I tried running pod install, but no change.

Here are some shots:
enter image description here

enter image description here

  - AFNetworking (1.3.3)
  - RestKit (0.20.3):
    - RestKit/Core
  - RestKit/Core (0.20.3):
    - RestKit/CoreData
    - RestKit/Network
    - RestKit/ObjectMapping
  - RestKit/CoreData (0.20.3)
  - RestKit/Network (0.20.3):
    - AFNetworking (~> 1.3.0)
    - RestKit/ObjectMapping
    - RestKit/Support
    - SOCKit
  - RestKit/ObjectMapping (0.20.3)
  - RestKit/Search (0.20.3):
    - RestKit/CoreData
  - RestKit/Support (0.20.3):
    - TransitionKit (= 1.1.1)
  - RestKit/Testing (0.20.3)
  - SOCKit (1.1)
  - TransitionKit (1.1.1)

  - RestKit (~> 0.20.0)
  - RestKit/Search (~> 0.20.0)
  - RestKit/Testing (~> 0.20.0)

  AFNetworking: 61fdd49e2ffe6380378df37b3b6e70630bb9dd66
  RestKit: 1f181c180105a92f11ec4f6cd7de37625e516d83
  SOCKit: 2f3bc4d07910de12dcc202815e07db68a3802581
  TransitionKit: d0e3344aac92991395d4c2e72d9c5a8ceeb12910



After many attemps I managed to fix this problem. Variable ${PODS_ROOT} was not set and I do below trick.
Go to Build Phases -> Check Pods Manifest.lock and replace

diff "${PODS_ROOT}/../Podfile.lock" "${PODS_ROOT}/Manifest.lock" > /dev/null


diff "${SRCROOT}/Podfile.lock" "${SRCROOT}/Pods/Manifest.lock" > /dev/null

It helps me.


I was able to fix that by updating CocoaPods.

I. Project Cleanup

  1. In the project navigator, select your project
  2. Select your target
  3. Remove all libPods*.a in Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries

II. Update CocoaPods

  1. Launch Terminal and go to your project directory.
  2. Update CocoaPods using the command pod install


If you remove all pods from your target in the Podfile, e.g.

target 'myTarget' do
pod 'great-stuff', '~> 4.0'  // you deleted this last pod

you’ll need to manually delete these builds steps from your Xcode target Build Phases:

  • Check Pods Manifest.lock
  • Copy Pod resources

Cocoapods (current stable version 0.37.2) does not perform this cleanup when you run pod install.


I had been searching for hours and I found solutions as follow:

In my case, method 1 works.

Method 1:

  1. choose the target > go to Build Phases > click Link Binary With Libraries > remove all libPods.a files

  2. open Terminal > direct to your project > run:

      pod install
  3. clean and build project


Method 2:

  1. open Terminal > direct to your project > run:

     pod deintegrate --verbose    
     pod install --verbose


Method 3:

  1. choose the target > go to Build Settings > click “+” sign

  2. add 2 User-Defined Settings: [to the left = to the right]

     PODS_ROOT = ${SRCROOT}/Pods