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I have float numbers like 3.2 and 1.6.

I need to separate the number into the integer and decimal part. For example, a value of 3.2 would be split into two numbers, i.e. 3 and 0.2

Getting the integer portion is easy:

n = Math.floor(n);

But I am having trouble getting the decimal portion.
I have tried this:

remainder = n % 2; //obtem a parte decimal do rating

But it does not always work correctly.

The previous code has the following output:

n = 3.1 // gives remainder = 1.1

What I am missing here?


var decimal = n - Math.floor(n)

Although this won’t work for minus numbers so we might have to do

n = Math.abs(n); // Change to positive
var decimal = n - Math.floor(n)


Use 1, not 2.

js> 2.3 % 1


How is 0.2999999999999998 an acceptable answer? If I were the asker I would want an answer of .3. What we have here is false precision, and my experiments with floor, %, etc indicate that Javascript is fond of false precision for these operations. So I think the answers that are using conversion to string are on the right track.

I would do this:

var decPart = (n+"").split(".")[1];

Specifically, I was using 100233.1 and I wanted the answer “.1”.


You could convert to string, right?

n = (n + "").split(".");