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I’m getting “[project] nuget configuration is invalid” error. I received an error like this before and used the ‘Update Nuget package manager’ solution mentioned here:

Unable to Install Any Package in Visual Studio 2015

I’ve also tried the other solutions mentioned in that link to no avail.

  • Restarting Visual Studio
  • Deleting nuget.config
  • Deleting packages.config
  • Updating nuGet Package Manager.

Also, I’m able to see the nuGet Packages at the solution level and other projects within this solution.

And, if I go to Package Manager Console (Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console), I can’t see the projects having this issue in the project drop down, but I see the other projects in the solution.


NOTE: This is mentioned in the question but restarting Visual Studio fixes the issue in most cases.

Updating Visual Studio to ‘Update 2’ got it working again.

Tools -> Extensions and Updates ->Visual Studio Update 2

As mentioned in the question and the link i posted therein, I’d already updated NuGet Package Manager to 3.4.4 prior to this and restarted to no avail, so I don’t know if the combination of both these actions worked.


Simply restarting Visual Studio worked for me.