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I’m building a Python application and don’t want to force my clients to install Python and modules.

So, is there a way to compile a Python script to be a standalone executable?


You can use py2exe as already answered and use Cython to convert your key .py files in .pyc, C compiled files, like .dll in Windows and .so on Linux.

It is much harder to revert than common .pyo and .pyc files (and also gain in performance!).


You can use PyInstaller to package Python programs as standalone executables. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

PyInstaller Quickstart

Install PyInstaller from PyPI:

pip install pyinstaller

Go to your program’s directory and run:


This will generate the bundle in a subdirectory called dist.

pyinstaller -F

Adding -F (or –onefile) parameter will pack everything into single “exe”.

pyinstaller -F --paths=<your_path>\Lib\site-packages

running into “ImportError” you might consider side-packages.

 pip install pynput==1.6.8

still runing in Import-Erorr – try to downgrade pyinstaller – see Getting error when using pynput with pyinstaller

For a more detailed walkthrough, see the manual.


Yes, it is possible to compile Python scripts into standalone executables.

PyInstaller can be used to convert Python programs into stand-alone executables, under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, and AIX. It is one of the recommended converters.

py2exe converts Python scripts into only executable on the Windows platform.

Cython is a static compiler for both the Python programming language and the extended Cython programming language.


You might wish to investigate Nuitka. It takes Python source code and converts it in to C++ API calls. Then it compiles into an executable binary (ELF on Linux). It has been around for a few years now and supports a wide range of Python versions.

You will probably also get a performance improvement if you use it. It is recommended.