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How to pass parameters to Thread.ThreadStart() method in C#?

Suppose I have method called ‘download’

public void download(string filename)
    // download code

Now I have created one thread in the main method:

Thread thread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(download(filename));

error method type expected.

How can I pass parameters to ThreadStart with target method with parameters?


Look at this example:

public void RunWorker()
    Thread newThread = new Thread(WorkerMethod);
    newThread.Start(new Parameter());

public void WorkerMethod(object parameterObj)
    var parameter = (Parameter)parameterObj;
    // do your job!

You are first creating a thread by passing delegate to worker method and then starts it with a Thread.Start method which takes your object as parameter.

So in your case you should use it like this:

    Thread thread = new Thread(download);

But your ‘download’ method still needs to take object, not string as a parameter. You can cast it to string in your method body.


The simplest is just

string filename = ...
Thread thread = new Thread(() => download(filename));

The advantage(s) of this (over ParameterizedThreadStart) is that you can pass multiple parameters, and you get compile-time checking without needing to cast from object all the time.


You could also delegate like so…

ThreadStart ts = delegate
      bool moreWork = DoWork("param1", "param2", "param3");
      if (moreWork) 
          DoMoreWork("param1", "param2");
new Thread(ts).Start();


You want to use the ParameterizedThreadStart delegate for thread methods that take parameters. (Or none at all actually, and let the Thread constructor infer.)

Example usage:

var thread = new Thread(new ParameterizedThreadStart(download));
//var thread = new Thread(download); // equivalent