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When I select date in SQL it is returned as 2011-02-25 21:17:33.933. But I need only the Date part, that is 2011-02-25. How can I do this?


I guess he wants a string.

select convert(varchar(10), '2011-02-25 21:17:33.933', 120)

120 here tells the convert function that we pass the input date in the following format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mi:ss.


For SQL Server 2008:

Convert(date, getdate())  

Please refer to


Use CAST(GETDATE() as date) that worked for me, simple.


The fastest is datediff, e.g.

select dateadd(d, datediff(d,0, [datecolumn]), 0), other..
from tbl

But if you only need to use the value, then you can skip the dateadd, e.g.

select ...
WHERE somedate <= datediff(d, 0, getdate())

where the expression datediff(d, 0, getdate()) is sufficient to return today’s date without time portion.