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I’ve noticed that all the themes leave me with those large gray/metal window borders, which I really don’t like.

How can I edit this, and why do most themes simply change how the taskbar looks?


Yes . This works.You need to download the themes first online. There are plenty.I used Mint-xp. Once themes are downloaded you can use path menu–>system settings–> Themes–> other settings–> change window border and control. You will get the look you desire. Thanks.


In the Cinnamon Settings -> Themes dialog, there is an “Other Settings” tab. On this tab you can set things such as Window theme (appearance of borders) and Icon theme.


If you have installed custom theme (e.g. Windows-10-master) to /home/username/.themes and don’t see it in Window borders, enable it using terminal:

sudo gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.wm.preferences theme Windows-10-master