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I’m building an application where I should capture several values and build a text with them: Name, Age, etc.

The output will be a plain text into a TextBox.

I am trying to make those information appear in kind of columns, therefore I am trying to separate them with tab to make it clearer.

For example, instead of having:

Ann 26
Sarah 29
Paul 45

I would like it to show as:

Ann tab 26 Sarah tab 29 Paul tab 45

Any tip on how to insert the tabs into my text?


Hazar is right with his \t. Here’s the full list of escape characters for C#:

\' for a single quote.

\" for a double quote.

\\ for a backslash.

\0 for a null character.

\a for an alert character.

\b for a backspace.

\f for a form feed.

\n for a new line.

\r for a carriage return.

\t for a horizontal tab.

\v for a vertical tab.

\uxxxx for a unicode character hex value (e.g. \u0020).

\x is the same as \u, but you don’t need leading zeroes (e.g. \x20).

\Uxxxxxxxx for a unicode character hex value (longer form needed for generating surrogates).


Try using the \t character in your strings


var text = "[email protected]"

var editedText = text.Replace("@", "\t");


It can also be useful to use String.Format, e.g.

String.Format("{0}\t{1}", FirstName,Count);