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I’m running an rsync command, copying my files from a server to my Windows machine like:

rsync -rt --partial-dir=".rsync" --del rsync://server/a/ a/

Whenever this command creates a directory, it tends to create a directory with crazy ACLs/permissions. For me, it tends to create ten <not inherited> entries, with one deny entry for the user who ran the rsync command, and the others not making much sense, either. This even happens using the --chmod=ugo=rwX option, which a similar thread suggested.

What can I do to prevent rsync from trying to set permissions at all (and just leave the permissions to the ACL inheritance in Windows)?


Mount the directory in question with the noacl option, as described in the manual.

(And if you want to know why the mapping of Unix permissions to Windows ACLs is not straightforward, see here.)