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How can I add a line break to text when it is being set as an attribute i.e.:

<TextBlock Text="Stuff on line1 \n Stuff on line2" />

Breaking it out into the exploded format isn’t an option for my particular situation. What I need is some way to emulate the following:

    Stuff on line1 <LineBreak/>
    Stuff on line2


May be you can use the attribute xml:space=”preserve” for preserving whitespace in the source XAML

<TextBlock xml:space="preserve">
Stuff on line 1
Stuff on line 2


<TextBlock Text="Stuff on line1&#x0a;Stuff on line 2"/>

You can use any hexadecimally encoded value to represent a literal. In this case, I used the line feed (char 10). If you want to do “classic” vbCrLf, then you can use &#x0d;&#x0a;

By the way, note the syntax: It’s the ampersand, a pound, the letter x, then the hex value of the character you want, and then finally a semi-colon.

ALSO: For completeness, you can bind to a text that already has the line feeds embedded in it like a constant in your code behind, or a variable constructed at runtime.


You need just removing <TextBlock.Text> and simply adding your content as following:

    <Grid Margin="20">
        <TextBlock TextWrapping="Wrap" TextAlignment="Justify" FontSize="17">
        <Bold FontFamily="Segoe UI Light" FontSize="70">I.R. Iran</Bold><LineBreak/>
        <Span FontSize="35">I</Span>ran or Persia, officially the <Italic>Islamic Republic of Iran</Italic>, 
        is a country in Western Asia. The country is bordered on the 
        north by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, with Kazakhstan and Russia 
        to the north across the Caspian Sea.<LineBreak/>
        <Span FontSize="10">For more information about Iran see <Hyperlink NavigateUri="">WikiPedia</Hyperlink></Span>
            <Span FontSize="12">
                <Span>Is this page helpful?</Span>
                <Button Content="No"/>
                <Button Content="Yes"/>

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When you need to do it in a string (eg: in your resources) you need to use xml:space="preserve" and the ampersand character codes:

<System:String x:Key="TwoLiner" xml:space="preserve">First line&#10;Second line</System:String>

Or literal newlines in the text:

<System:String x:Key="TwoLiner" xml:space="preserve">First line 
Second line</System:String>

Warning: if you write code like the second example, you have inserted either a newline, or a carriage return and newline, depending on the line endings your operating system and/or text editor use. For instance, if you write that and commit it to git from a linux systems, everything may seem fine — but if someone clones it to Windows, git will convert your line endings to \r\n and depending on what your string is for … you might break the world.

Just be aware of that when you’re preserving whitespace. If you write something like this:

<System:String x:Key="TwoLiner" xml:space="preserve">
First line 
Second line 

You’ve actually added four line breaks, possibly four carriage-returns, and potentially trailing white space that’s invisible…