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I want to use a data class in Lombok. Since it has about a dozen fields, I annotated it with @Data in order to generate all the setters and getter. However there is one special field for which I don’t want to the accessors to be implemented.

How does Lombok omit this field?


According to @Data description you can use:

All generated getters and setters will be public. To override the
access level, annotate the field or class with an explicit @Setter
and/or @Getter annotation. You can also use this annotation (by
combining it with AccessLevel.NONE) to suppress generating a getter
and/or setter altogether.


You can pass an access level to the @Getter and @Setter annotations. This is useful to make getters or setters protected or private. It can also be used to override the default.

With @Data, you have public access to the accessors by default. You can now use the special access level NONE to completely omit the accessor, like this:

private int mySecret;


Use the below code for omit/excludes from creating setter and getter. value key should use inside @Getter and @Setter.

@Getter(value = AccessLevel.NONE)
@Setter(value = AccessLevel.NONE)
private String mySecret;