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After the last commit, I modified a bunch of files in my working copy, but I want to undo the changes to one of those files, as in reset it to the same state as the most recent commit.

However, I only want to undo the working copy changes of just that one file alone, nothing else with it.

How do I do that?


Just use

git checkout filename

This will replace filename with the latest version from the current branch.

WARNING: your changes will be discarded — no backup is kept.


You can use

git checkout -- file

You can do it without the -- (as suggested by nimrodm), but if the filename looks like a branch or tag (or other revision identifier), it may get confused, so using -- is best.

You can also check out a particular version of a file:

git checkout v1.2.3 -- file         # tag v1.2.3
git checkout stable -- file         # stable branch
git checkout origin/master -- file  # upstream master
git checkout HEAD -- file           # the version from the most recent commit
git checkout HEAD^ -- file          # the version before the most recent commit


If your file is already staged (happens when you do a git add etc after the file is edited) to unstage your changes.


git reset HEAD <file>


git checkout <file>

If not already staged, just use

git checkout <file>


git checkout <commit> <filename>

I used this today because I realized that my favicon had been overwritten a few commits ago when I upgrated to drupal 6.10, so I had to get it back. Here is what I did:

git checkout 088ecd favicon.ico